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Laptop Tracking Review

Why Do I Want Laptop Tracking Software?

Statistically, laptops are stolen every day, but laptop tracking software is one way for businesses and individuals to protect their investment. Sometimes it's referred to as anti-theft software, but it is not preventive software. There are preventive means of stopping thieves from taking your laptop, but most of those are your own personal actions and habits. You want to form good habits of not leaving it out in the open, whether that is in your car, at home or at work. When that doesn't stop someone from swiping your goods, then it's important to have a backup plan. LoJack, Laptop Cop and GadgetTrak can provide this.

Laptop tracking software is one of those backup plans. It's designed to be stealthy and silent. When you discover that your laptop is missing, you can activate the tracking. Then when the computer is turned on and connects to the internet, it can be located. With this information in the hands of willing law enforcement, you can retrieve what was taken. To learn more and compare the best software for this type of protection, read our articles on laptop tracking software. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

Laptop Tracking Software: What to Look For

When you select laptop tracking software, it can be difficult to know which one works the best. These programs are simple and small but they are meant to be that way. You want one that is simple and small so that thieves can't tell that it's running and tracking them from behind the scenes. However, there are a few things that really add to this system of laptop recovery, and they are broken down into the following categories.

How well laptop tracking software protects your computer and personal information is by far the most important aspect to look at. In fact, that's the whole point. The first thing to look for is the effectiveness of the system that is used to track your laptop. Does it allow you to remotely protect your personal information? And once the laptop is found, what are the options that the protection offers? These are some good questions to ask.

This category covers all the things that help or broaden the laptop recovery process. The questions you want to ask are: Does the company help you assist the police in the recovery process? Are there additional features that help the police to more effectively resolve the matter? What happens if I don't get my laptop back? Is there a guarantee? A program that answers these questions is an excellent choice.

Ease of Use/Installation
Generally, this type of software is quite simple because it's supposed to run stealthily in the background. Since that is usually the case, the installation is very short. This simplicity also results in an easy-to-use system because there are only a few features that you control. Once you've installed your laptop recovery software, you don't need to think about it too much. You can choose to lock personal information to make sure it is kept safe, and if your laptop is ever stolen you can activate and track it so law enforcement can locate it. The software should have an intuitive interface so you can quickly and easily use all of its functions.

Support and Documentation
Anytime you purchase a product, you want a couple of things to come with it. First of all, the company should provide helpful information and documentation about them and their products so you know how to use your new purchase. The other thing you want is support. Whether you need assistance installing this software, using it or fixing it if it doesn't work, companies should be ready to help you.

These four categories make up the features that we looked for in laptop tracking software. LoJack, Laptop Cop and GadgetTrak are some of the best applications for tracking down your laptop in the event that it gets stolen. All three have unique qualities and provide excellent protection.